Business Process Outsourcing M&A Update

2Q 2019


  • One transaction of note during Q2 was Conneqt Business Solutions, a subsidiary of Quess Corporation, which acquired a 61% stake in Allsec in a deal valued at $61.3 million on April 17, 2019. Allsec Technologies is a provider of business process solutions, including call center, payroll processing and data verification services.
  • Deal volume in Q2 2019 was relatively comparable to previous years with 31 reported BPO deals closed
  • Investors have moved down market in 2019 to smaller deals
  • In Q2 2019, strategic acquirers accounted for a larger percentage of deal volume at 61%, but Private Equity firms accounted for 89% of the invested capital in the same period
  • BPO public company stock prices and valuation multiples trended downward through 2018 with a recovery and uptick into 2Q 2019

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