Transition Assessment

Is Your Business Prepared for a Sale?

All privately-held companies transition ownership at some point. Yet many business owners wait too long before assessing all their options, which often times leads to a significantly reduced exit value. Our Transition Assessment program helps business owners formulate and analyze options up to 3 to 5 years in advance of their anticipated transition event. The program highlights customized value drivers and provides a path forward to help business owners make informed decisions today that maximize exit value when the time is right.

R.L. Hulett & Company is uniquely qualified to perform this assessment because we have been in the business of representing buyers and sellers for over 35 years. We know what buyers will and will not pay for – we know how, given time, to mitigate risk in the buyer’s eyes and to help you position your company to be attractive to the best buyers and, ultimately, to attract the highest price.

Here is what we do:

  1. Understand the current and historical market dynamics affecting the valuation range for the business. If the market sector is hot, and may support buoyant valuations, it may be a good time to take the company to market immediately. Understanding the industry structure and current economic trends can help set the stage for a more detailed valuation analysis.
  2. Determine the company’s current market value.
  3. Analyze the company’s value drivers (i.e. customer concentration, financial stability, recurring contractual relationships) and develop a list of customized concepts to build enterprise value.
  4. Identify areas where buyers will have concerns (i.e. provisions in key contracts) and determine how risk areas can be mitigated.
  5. Understand ownership’s long-term objectives and align value-building strategies to achieve results.
  6. Create a framework for on-going documentation and assessment.