Management Buyouts

Management teams considering an acquisition of their current employer often find themselves in unfamiliar territory. While they are experts at running the business and may have even negotiated acquisitions on behalf of their employer, this is often the first time they have considered putting their own personal net worth at risk. A misstep can be costly – from overpaying for the business to a busted or failed transaction.

Our job is to help you avoid costly mistakes. Our extensive merger and acquisition experience, coupled with your intimate knowledge of the business, will help ensure that your transaction is closed on terms that are in your best interest.

Our services include:

  • Initial contact of the current business owner(s)
  • Valuing the target business
  • Analyzing target business value drivers and detractors
  • Structuring acquisition terms
  • Negotiating with the current business owner(s)
  • Assisting with due diligence
  • Helping secure acquisition debt and equity financing

For over 35 years, R.L. Hulett & Company has helped management teams navigate the subtle intricacies of management buyouts by creating structures and negotiating acquisition agreements on management-friendly terms.