Sell Side

Owners have various goals when it comes time to sell their business:

  • Sell for the highest price – financial security often depends on it
  • Sell on acceptable payment terms
  • Protect the company’s legacy and its employees

Many deals are driven by the premise that it is faster, less expensive, and more profitable for a company to buy a brand, customer relationships, technology, distribution network, etc. than it is to build them from scratch. The right strategic buyer is often willing to pay a premium for these intangibles because the synergies achieved in the transaction are far more valuable than the numbers represent. We know how to find the right strategic buyers and run an effective sale process to maximize value for you and your shareholders.

Whatever your goals, successfully selling your business involves strategic and tactical analysis, flawless execution and, above all … experience. The sale process is like a maze with many unexpected twists and turns. One wrong turn can lead to a sale short of your goals or no sale at all. For example, disclosing to key employees, vendors or customers that you are considering selling at the wrong time could jeopardize the transaction and the business in general. On the other hand, not communicating with these parties could leave them feeling uninformed and out of the loop. There is an art to effective communication throughout this process and we can help you manage the communication effectively.

For over 35 years, our diverse and experienced team has helped hundreds of business owners across the United States successfully navigate this complex maze. Our knowledge of the value drivers that buyers seek and our ability to creatively identify a broad range of prospective buyers uniquely positions us to help you achieve your goals.

You have invested years of hard work and have taken substantial risks to build a successful company. Let R.L. Hulett & Company find a buyer that truly values what you have created and help you with the process.