“The team of R.L. Hulett & Company made this transaction seamless. We could never have pulled this off in such an aggressive time period without their expertise and leadership.”
Phil Horstmann, President , Ascent Power, LLC

Ascent Power, LLC, and its parent company Ascent, are both headquartered in St. Louis, Missouri. Created in 2005, Ascent Power offers back-up power system design, battery and generators sales, as well as maintenance services to Ascent clients. When President Phil Horstmann began looking for ways to grow the company’s marketshare, he contacted R.L. Hulett & Company.

Industrial Engine and Generator, Inc. of Illinois was established in 1985 and provides service for a variety of applications of generator products. Assisting the buyer, R.L. Hulett & Company identified an industry and target businesses, contacted and evaluated prospects, drafted the letter of intent, assisted with due diligence, reviewed the contract, and facilitated the closing.

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