“I have not known any other organization that has shown the professionalism, class, and efficiency that is trademark of R.L. Hulett & Company. I give R.L. Hulett & Company all of the credit for making the sale of my business possible.”
Harold Hogarth, Grip-Tech International, Inc.

Grip-Tech International, Inc. is an international manufacturer of sponge rubber grips. Grip-Tech, based in O’Fallon, Missouri, manufactures foam rubber products, specializing in lawn and garden grips along with grips for exercise and industrial equipment.

The buyer, Sinclair & Rush, Inc., is an international multi-faceted grip and vinyl manufacturer, with manufacturing and selling operations spanning five continents. Sinclair & Rush provides a full line of complimentary processes and products that uniquely positions itself as one of the world’s leading multi-processors of plastic components.

R.L. Hulett & Company assisted Grip-Tech International, Inc. by performing a valuation of the company, contacting the buyer, drafting the letter of intent, assisting with due diligence, reviewing the contracts and facilitating the closing.

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