“When it came to reviewing our closing contract, R.L. Hulett & Company had the expertise and insight to make what at the time looked like some very minor changes to the contract. Four years later, those “minor” contract changes resulted in additional compensation from the buyer which were more than TWICE the amount of all fees we paid to R.L. Hulett & Company . “
John M. Stephens, President, Media Pulse, Inc.

Media Pulse, Inc. provides high technology news tracking and video related support services for public relations professionals in the current age of video communications. Media Pulse is headquartered in St. Louis, with offices in Kansas City, Phoenix, and Indianapolis. President John M. Stephens engaged R.L. Hulett & Company for assistance in selling the company.

The buyer, Bacon’s Information Inc. is a leading provider of media monitoring services and media databases. Bacon’s provides an online resource for all media management needs. Bacon’s Information is a subsidiary of Observer Group AB, a Swedish company with revenues over $250 million.

R. L. Hulett & Co. assisted Media Pulse, Inc. by performing a valuation of Media Pulse, preparing an offering memorandum, negotiating the letters of intent, directing due diligence, reviewing the contracts, and facilitating the closing.

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