R.L. Hulett & Company has understood that buying or selling a company is one of the most important decisions a business owner will ever make. Since 1981, our clients can trust us to get a deal done efficiently and with the optimum financial results they desire.

So why choose us?


Our achievements are broad and deep. With over 35 years of investment banking experience, R.L. Hulett & Company has successfully closed hundreds of middle market transactions across a broad spectrum of industries.


Diverse teams offer the most creative solutions. With R.L. Hulett & Company, your business is backed by the expertise of leading professionals from a variety of backgrounds and industries.


Sustained integrity and unwavering ethical standards are the hallmarks of R.L. Hulett & Company. We have a single objective – to achieve results that are in your best interest.


“R.L. Hulett displayed the utmost professionalism in our dealings with Westburne. Their expertise streamlined the whole process.”
“In a challenging business environment, RL Hulett made the sale of my business possible through dedication, persistence and professionalism. The strategic sale process is very complex and I would highly recommend engaging these skilled advisors to anyone considering the sale of their company.”
“We could never have done this deal without you.”
Susan Dodd, President, MCP, Inc.
“I have not known any other organization that has shown the professionalism, class, and efficiency that is trademark of R.L. Hulett & Company. I give R.L. Hulett & Company all of the credit for making the sale of my business possible.”
“The team of R.L. Hulett & Company made this transaction seamless. We could never have pulled this off in such an aggressive time period without their expertise and leadership.”
Phil Horstmann, President, Ascent Power, LLC
“R.L. Hulett & Company created clarity from chaos and elicited confidence while they worked tirelessly on my behalf. Their knowledge is invaluable.”
David Bolus, PRN
“We appreciated the professional way with which our transaction was handled by R.L. Hulett & Company They took a very complex and stressful situation and made it seem very simple.”
Dave Friedman, Merit Company
“It was a pleasure working with R.L. Hulett & Company during the recent sale of our business. They displayed the utmost professionalism, diligent effort, and dedication necessary to meet and exceed our expectations. We credit the entire R.L. Hulett & Company staff in assisting us in this transaction.”
“R.L. Hulett & Company, Inc. showed professionalism and expertise in the transaction process and were available when we needed them the most.”
John Hammond, GW Composites, Inc.
“Without R.L. Hulett & Company’s experience and professionalism in the transaction process, it would have been very difficult, if not impossible, to conclude this transaction.”
Michael Peterson, President, ICS Diversified, Inc.
“Without R.L. Hulett & Company, it would have been very difficult for us to have sold our business. They did a great job in locating prospects and handling the details involved in getting the sale completed.”
William & Robert Sweeney, W.R. Sweeney Manufacturing, Inc.
“Without the expert advice and assistance of R.L. Hulett & Company this transaction would not have been possible. With their help we found a buyer within the industry who truly understands our business.”
“The R.L. Hulett & Company was very professional and extremely competent and helpful to us with the sale of All Staff Nursing. I have been recommending the company to other business owners and will continue to do so.”
Leon Spanos, All-Staff Nursing
“When it came to reviewing our closing contract, R.L. Hulett & Company had the expertise and insight to make what at the time looked like some very minor changes to the contract. Four years later, those “minor” contract changes resulted in additional compensation from the buyer which were more than TWICE the amount of all fees we paid to R.L. Hulett & Company. “
John M. Stephens, President, Media Pulse, Inc.
“R.L. Hulett helped us understand our alternatives and execute a transaction that would allow us to best achieve our objectives. Their expertise and knowledge of the M&A process was vital in closing the transaction in a challenging business climate.”
David Renard, President, Renard Paper Company, Inc.
“R.L. Hulett was able to find the ideal buyer for our business and helped us execute a transaction that would allow us to best achieve our objectives. Their expertise and knowledge of the M&A process was vital in closing the transaction.”
David Behnen, Sr., President, Data Manufacturing, Inc.
“TSG is excited to launch the next phase of growth for Winetasting.com and build on the company’s already solid foundation of specialty brand retailing and social media marketing to provide customers with an enhanced and customized wine-buying experience. We commend the work, of R.L. Hulett, whose knowledge and expertise in M&A transactions were instrumental in getting this over the finish line.”
Steve Schepman, Founder, TSG, LLC
“O’Brien is excited to partner with the strong management team at Classic Equine to launch a new chapter of growth for the business and bring new opportunities for the company’s customers and employees. R.L. Hulett’s M&A knowledge and expertise were instrumental in sourcing and negotiating the transaction.”
Bob O'Brien, Founder, O'Brien Capital, LLC
“With other partners in the business, my situation was somewhat complicated, so I sought the advice and counsel of an investment banking firm. R.L. Hulett & Company successfully managed this complex sale process as skilled professionals. I am very satisfied with the outcome and had it not been for their efforts, it would have been very difficult for me to achieve my end objectives.”