Capital Markets Advisory

Expertise in arranging capital for acquisitions, growth, recapitalization or liquidity.

Our relationship-based database

We have developed a proprietary database containing thousands of private equity investors, family offices, mezzanine funds and debt funds with whom we have deep relationships and years of experience.

Capital markets advisory services


A recapitalization with an equity sponsor, mezzanine lender, debt fund, or some combination thereof, can provide our clients with access to growth capital, liquidity and flexibility on debt servicing requirements. R.L. Hulett leverages deep relationships in the capital markets to advise our clients on the alternatives available to them and to find the optimal solutions to meet their needs.

Growth financing

Organic growth often requires access to capital beyond what current lenders and shareholders can support. Whether it is financing a plant expansion, buying new equipment, working capital needs or making key hires, implementing these growth strategies can require access to outside capital. R.L. Hulett has the expertise and a network of contacts to help you arrange the most cost effective capital to finance the successful organic growth of your business.

Acquisition financing

Our experienced team provides support to business owners seeking capital for acquisitions in a number of ways. We prepare a merger model to analyze the pro-forma cash flows, prepare an information memorandum to take the opportunity to the capital markets and explore alternatives and we advise in negotiations with various capital providers. Our goal is to arrange the optimal capital structure to meet our clients needs.

Strategic partners

A strategic partner can often represent the best alternative for a business owner looking to take their business to the next level. Advantages include geographic reach, distribution footprint, access to new customers, sophisticated management and relationships with influential industry executives. R.L. Hulett has helped many business owners identify, evaluate and select strategic partners that give them the best chance for future success.

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