Founder’s Message

I founded this firm in 1981 with a vision to become the most reputable investment bank in the region. When I started, borrowing rates were nearly 20% and many middle market businesses were struggling to stay alive. I began by helping clients refinance, or “work out,” their loans and by positioning distressed companies for strategic sales. Over the years, we have evolved into one of the largest investment banking firms in the region by advising companies in a variety of industries. Throughout our history, we have always stayed true to our core values which were, and always will be of the utmost importance to me:

  • Integrity – Serving the client’s, not the firm’s, best interests
  • Honesty – Staying true to our word
  • Superior Client Service – Exceeding client expectations in every way
  • Hard Work – Working tirelessly to achieve client goals

Our adherence to these values is the cornerstone of our success and longevity. Clients have peace of mind knowing that we work diligently to achieve their goals and guard their interests. Attorneys, CPAs and other trusted business advisors know their clients will receive impeccable, professional and reputable service when they retain R.L. Hulett & Company.

We look forward to working with you.
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Robert L. Hulett

“Our success does not only come from the more than 200 deals we have closed, but from the trusting relationships we have built with our clients and colleagues along the way.”
Robert L. Hulett, Chairman & Managing Director, R.L. Hulett & Company, Inc.